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13 years of work in the chemical sector. Our priorities: quality, reliability, comprehensive approach.


Special events for company leaders and experts.
The Moscow International Chemical Summit
The Congress of Plastics Converters
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Support in industrial testing, credit instruments, project management. Commercialisation of original domestic technologies. Promotion campaign.
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Market studies
Market studies on international and Russian markets. Tender for the supply of technology. Development of feasibility study. Organization of work of the scientific and technical council at the enterprise.
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Advertising on the Internet and in print publications. Media planning. Media support.
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The Chemical Journal

Strategic planning in the industry. Events

International Chemical

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Commercialisation division. From ideas to business results

Diagnostic equipment for genital inflammations and hormone disorders

Selective pheromone insect traps. Increased crops

Thermal power station mini. Conversion of organic wastes, waste recycling for heat and power generation

Supplies of diatomite sorbents for water treatment and sewage treatment facilities

Turnkey contracts for cattle-breeding and dairy farms, meat and milk processing equipment. Loans

Microwave treatment of process water. Increasing the lifetime of heat exchangers and pipelines

Loans from Deutsche Bank+OPIC (3,5-4 %) for large medicine / industrial projects secured by a Subject of the Federation

Manufacture of synthetic gutta-percha, Medicine products for orthopedics and dentistry

Effective titanium-magnesium catalyst for accelerating the synthesis of polymers. Polypropylene, polyethylene, polybutene-1, polyhexene-1